Long Island Breakfast Club  HONORING L.I.’S WOMEN OF ACHIEVEMENT Featured This Week Valentina Janek, Founder, The Long Island Breakfast Club By Beverly Fortune 06/07/2007 2:08 pm Featured This Week Valentina Janek, Founder, The Long Island Breakfast Club If youth is the advantage that some corporations crave, they should … Continue reading


Book Launch Valentina Janeks’ Book  ”In Love and Friendship” 60 sec mp3 Audio Synopsis of my new book “IN LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP”      By Valentina Janek Friendship is like fine wine, it gets better with age.” “Tenacity triumphing over trauma” This … Continue reading

Favorite Why Smart People Don’t Get Hired

Why Smart People Don’t Get Hired June 11, 2014 For years I’ve marvelled at how many of my smartest friends and acquaintances have suffered prolonged periods of unemployment and underemployment. Despite having loads of relevant experience, lots of personality and … Continue reading

Hiring over 50

Kimberley Dart, CHRP Candidate Manager, Haskayne Career Centre | Jamberry Independent Consultant July 22, 2014 Lately I’ve heard a lot, both in the news and from clients, that people just don’t want to hire a candidate that is over 50. … Continue reading

Manager or a Leader

5 Ways to Tell if You are a Manager or a Leader  It’s a professional reality that all bosses are not great bosses. Anyone can become a manager, but to become a leader, other behaviors become distinguishing factors. Anyone can … Continue reading