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Welcomes you with Philotimo !

Our motto: “Philotimo!  Experience impacts the world beyond imagination.”

Philotimo…array of virtues that encompasses honor, dignity and pride, the ideal actions and behaviors, hospitality, bonds, and responsibilities between each other

Since its founding in 2006, the Long Island Breakfast Club has provided career counseling, support and advocacy for experienced, in-transition professionals on Long Island.


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Come join us for High Energy Return of Philotimo. As a community we can make this happen on Long Island!   We can work together to make the world a better place.   LIBC’s goal is to assist with providing referrals, companionship, business networking, contacts for interviewing and mentors for each individual’s success. A self described socialpreneur network promoting workforce development for midlife professionals.

We Meet, We Eat, We Seek, Re-invent, And Promote Philotimo. Socialpreneurship is a new valued addition. Meet new businesses to collaborate with and pass the karma & referrals. or Facebook @ Long Island Breakfast

Build a Life don’t just live one.  _Chris Ashton Kutcher

Valentina Janek, President, Founder
Stephanie Carlino,  Co-Founder, Vice President
Chris Fidis, Co-Founder, Webmaster 
Patricia Locurcio, Director of Communications
Elise Negrin, Director of Operations
JoAnn C. Fiorentino, Emeritus Posthumous Founder 

“They Meet, They Eat, They Seek”

The Long Island Breakfast Club – RSVP Required to attend
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