Favorite Why Smart People Don’t Get Hired

Why Smart People Don’t Get Hired June 11, 2014 For years I’ve marvelled at how many of my smartest friends and acquaintances have suffered prolonged periods of unemployment and underemployment. Despite having loads of relevant experience, lots of personality and … Continue reading

Yes – Awaken (Symphonic Live 2003)

 Yes are one of the most innovative and successful rock bands of all time with a career that now spans five decades. In 2003 the band made their first appearance at the Montreux Festival.  A triumphant night regarded by both … Continue reading

Hiring over 50

Kimberley Dart, CHRP Candidate Manager, Haskayne Career Centre | Jamberry Independent Consultant July 22, 2014 Lately I’ve heard a lot, both in the news and from clients, that people just don’t want to hire a candidate that is over 50. … Continue reading

Manager or a Leader

5 Ways to Tell if You are a Manager or a Leader  It’s a professional reality that all bosses are not great bosses. Anyone can become a manager, but to become a leader, other behaviors become distinguishing factors. Anyone can … Continue reading

Networking groups job hunt in packs

By: Claude Solnik August 5, 2009 After hovering around 7 percent all year, the Nassau-Suffolk employment rate hit 7.5 percent in June, swelling the ranks of job-search networking groups. The Long Island Breakfast Club, which caters to the middle-aged unemployed, … Continue reading

Launch Of new paint boutique at longislandbreakfastclub.org

Chris Fidis Of SEO Business Solutions – December 1st 2017 Launch Of new paint boutique at longislandbreakfastclub.org

Chris Fidis Of SEO Business Solutions – Syntelsys.com


Announcing the launch of a new online e-commerce business http://longislandbreakfastclub.org. Please visit this new start-up company with much excitement to follow. The CEO and founder will soon have a clothing and custom designed sneaker line. If you want to just paint your own sneakers with a glitter, pearl, neon, metallic, or standard color paints, call 516-308-2291 or visit us at longislandbreakfastclub.org .

We have a great selection of Angelus brand paints to chose from.

We also sell a line of cleaners and color dyes for leather and suede shoe products.

The launch date is December 1st 2017, see you all there.

The Long Island Breakfast Club will be seeking the help of artists and graphic design creative individuals to sell their expertise with the help of the LIBC.

Call us at 516.308.2291 and ask for CF.